Road & Bridge / Noxious Weed

The Paimages bridgewnee County Road and Bridge Department would like to inform everyone that weather permitting, FAS 420 Bridge on the North Rozel Road (280th) between O Rd & Q RD will be closed the whole week next week (March 30th to April 3rd) for deck repairs. We apologize for any inconveniences this may cause you however repairs are needed to ensure public safety. Please watch out for our County Road Workers and give them a brake!


What should I do when there is a snow plow ahead of me on the highway?

When you encounter a snowplow, remember:

• Plows travel slowly, usually 25-30 miles per hour or less. Begin slowing down as soon as you see a snowplow. The most common crashes are motorists hitting the rear ends of snowplows.

• Stay well behind the snowplow. Because snowplows are large, operators cannot see directly behind their trucks. Be extremely cautious when passing or meeting snowplows. They can be suddenly thrust sideways by drifts and hard snow pack.

• Do not pass in a snow cloud or until you can be sure the road ahead is clear of vehicles and snowdrifts. Be patient and wait for the driver to see you or when they pull over so traffic can safely pass.

• Snowplows and traffic cause light snow to swirl. It can become difficult or impossible to see the plow and the roadway, and also for the plow operator to see you.

• Never pass a plow on the right. Some snowplows are equipped with a wing plow — an eight-foot extension on the right side of the truck.

• Plows aren't just removing snow. They may also be spreading sand or deicer on roads. Maintain a safe distance behind snowplows to avoid being sprayed with deicing material.

• Be careful when meeting plows as they may be spreading sand or deicer and the operator may not be able to shut the spreaders off when you approach. Reduce speed when meeting a plow and move as far right as you safely can to prevent windshield damage.

• Know where the plow is. On multi-lane highways, the snowplow could be in any lane. Watch for snowplows that may be turning around on Interstate ramps or on an “Authorized Vehicles Only” crossover in the median of interstate or divided highways.

The Pictures above depict the progress being made on the box structures being built on the correction line. Pictures last updated on 11-6-19.

What does the Road and Bridge Department's schedule look like this week?

The Pawnee County Road and Bridge Department has been working on finishing up the Correction Line Project. The road will only be closed on the 1 mile from 70th to 80th Avenue. Crews have been finishing up asphalt and dirt work and will be working on erosion control. We will keep you updated daily on the progress of the project.

East Box 7

 Please understand that there is a sanctioned window in which this type of construction can be completed. November 1 is the cut-off point for getting oil for overlays and a seal. This dictates that construction must be completed and over-layed by a specific date.  Oil cannot be purchased again until April 15 so all current projects have a completion widow fast approaching. 

We understand that harvest time is upon us too and we apologize for any inconveniences this may cause area farmers. This is road work season so be on the look out for road construction and give them a brake.