Pawnee County Sheriff

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Sheriffs UnitThe primary function of the Pawnee County Sheriff’s Office is to protect and serve the citizens of rural Pawnee County Kansas.  This objective is completed through preventative patrol and investigatory methods. The Sheriff’s Office cares for, and maintains the Pawnee County Jail, with a population averaging approximately 11 inmates at any given time and has at times reached 20 inmates.  The Jail only haNoa and Units the capacity of 16 inmate beds. The Sheriff’ s Office has the ultimate responsibility to ensure “civil process” or summons, subpoenas, warrants, and etc. are served to the proper individual in the most appropriate manner by law. The Sheriff’s Office provides security for the Pawnee County Courthouse, often times during court.  The Sheriff’s Office will, and has responded to other emergencies at the Pawnee County Courthouse and within the city of Larned.

Have you considered a career in Law Enforcement?

We have positions in the Pawnee County Sheriff’s Department open to individuals who have a desire to serve the public, to contribute to public safety, and to have a job that is more than just a job, it’s a career that is meaningful and useful.Back-of-Team-Member_1

Careers in several areas of law enforcement are currently growing, offering more opportunities for those individuals who are willing to take the time to go through appropriate training. It doesn’t take a lot of schooling to be ready for this kind of career. Most criminal justice programs take two years or less to complete. Of course, there is on-the-job training options as well and there are additional certificates or examinations that you may need to complete.  A desire to help people and your community is a sure way to get your resume to the top of the applicant pile. If you have been thinking about getting into law enforcement but are still weighing your options, consider talking with Pawnee County Sheriff Scott King. The Sheriff's Department is currently looking to fill a position for a Jailer. You can download an application here or visit our job opportunity page here.