*** SPECIAL NOTICE *** Pawnee County Treasurer Tami Keenan would like to remind everyone that 2nd Half Taxes are due May 10th, 2023. Please call the Treasurers office at 620-285-3746 for any questions you may have.



Pawnee County Treasurer Tami KeenanPawnee County Treasurer

Treasurer Tami Keenan welcomes you to the home page for the Pawnee County Treasurer’s Office. We hope the following information will be helpful in accessing information and forms pertaining to payment of property taxes and motor vehicle applications. 

Functions of Department

The County Treasurer’s Office is responsible for administrating the laws pertaining to all functions dealing with the collection of property tax on real estate and personal property taxes. Treasurer’s office also deals with payment under protest and the collection of delinquent taxes. During the year, the treasurer is required to disburse collected tax money to the various taxing units (city, school districts, etc.) for their use.

This office also serves as an agent for the State of Kansas for registering and titling motor vehicles.

More information such as fees, forms and frequently asked questions may be obtained by visiting the Kansas County Treasurers Association Website

Mission Statement

To provide excellent customer service in an efficient and professional manner and to provide a safe environment for both taxpayers and employees as they are completing their transactions with the County.


The office of County Treasurer is set forth in K.S.A. 19-501-548. It is an elected position. The term of office is from the 2nd Tuesday in October following the election year and runs for 4 years. The term of office coincides with the county tax year.

Driver's License Services

  • Address Changes
  • License Renewal
  • Name Changes

No I.D. Cards, Initial Drivers Licenses or Hazmat Licenses services are available.

State Park Permit

State Park Permits

The Treasurer's Office would be glad to assist you with State Park Permits this year! The Permit will cover all of the State Parks pictured above. Cost is $15.50 and must be updated on an annual basis.