Road & Bridge / Noxious Weed

The Pictures above depict the progress being made on the box structures being built on the correction line. We will keep pictures updated so that area residents can watch the progress of the construction. Workers are about 1/2 way completed on the project. Pictures last updated on 10-11-19.

What does the Road and Bridge Department's schedule look like this week?

The Pawnee County Road and Bridge Department has been hard at work on the Macksville Blacktop. The Blacktop has used 130,000 Gallons CRS1HP Sealing oil at a cost of $300,000. Weather permitting, the crew will remain on the blacktop for the rest of the week. Well maintained roads on a maintenance cycle keeps our roads safe and will hold costs down over time. Please slow down in road work areas and watch out for the guys. macksville sealingThe Pawnee County Road and Bridge Department is also engaged in a joint project with Barton County to modify and construct new box structures on the correction line. These new structures will replace the old low water crossing points. Please understand that there is a sanctioned window in which this type of construction can be completed. November 1 is the cut-off point for getting oil for overlays and a seal. This dictates that construction must be completed and over-layed by a specific date.  Oil cannot be purchased again until April 15 so all current projects have a completion widow fast approaching. We understand that harvest time is upon us too and we apologize for any inconveniences this may cause area farmers. 

This is road work season so be on the look out for road construction and give them a brake.